riparian zone restoration

We grow indigenous trees along riparian zones of Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru for conservation, biodiversity and watershed restoration, financially incentivising communities using the pay to grow model, where communities plant trees and are paid at the incremental growth rate of their trees.

Greenstand Treetracker: We use the Treetracker APP as an MRV tool, to register, monitor and geotag the trees we plant and are growing.

Fairtree: Fairtree are our Pay to Grow partners. After we have developed the community partnership and planted trees, we manage community payments through crew leaders employed by

our tree sponsorship opportunities:

Interested in sponsoring trees for restorating or adopting a river for water conservation?

Sponsors / donors will receive their own dashboard / profile on to display on their website with their company logo.

Our current riparian zone restoration partners

AFR100 with Terramatch, WRI and One Tree Planted Besos Earth Fund
TPC Sugar Plantation
Africado Avocado Plantation
APK Coffee Plantation
Tanzania Forest Services Government partnership
Pangani Basin Waterboard GIZ NatuReS Project
Greenstand Treetracker
Fairtree Pay-to-grow